See before they’re taken off - we present unique selections

Unique, contemporary and up-to-date. That’s what movie selections on VOD.MDAG.PL are, which we have created in cooperation with our partners and for important events. See below what we have prepared for you and hurry, because the selections will be regularly updated!


Man in Cinema - Amnesty International Poland selection

Faced with global crises and injustice, when we particularly demand respect for human rights, documentary movies cannot only educate, but also give strength and hope. We wish that to you and ourselves, and invite you to watch the "Man in Cinema" series.

The Amnesty International Poland team


WWF Poland selection

The WWFu film selection includes the best documentaries about our world, wildlife and the relationship of humans with nature.

The strength of these films is that they often show dramatic events, phenomena, and processes, but leave to us, the viewers, the judgement of events and people involved. Before we make an evaluation, however, the filmmakers give us a tool to do it. The knowledge of the world. Having watched the film, it may turn out that our long-established view on a given topic will change dramatically or that we will refrain from judging, having a better understanding of the complexity of the world. BUT we will never stay indifferent!

Finally, I would like to appeal to you to return to the movie theatres once the pandemic is over. Taking in a documentary works best when the lights go out and only you and the film characters are there in the dark. For now we must do with what we have - the best documentaries on the internet.

Katarzyna Karpa-Świderek


Christmas without Kevin!

Let's not fool ourselves - for years we have been fed the same pulp of old movies. Maybe time has come to change that? We'd like to present films that provide food for thought about your lives and your place in the world, stories which demand focus and offer an empathetic view of protagonists. We recommend watching them with your close ones, as they may be the perfect start of important talks.


Faces of North Korea

North Korea is one of the most obscure countries in the world. The regime in Pyongyang makes sure that facts of life in this country don't get outside its borders. Sometimes, however, and at great personal risk, documentary filmmakers manage to infiltrate it and show the truth. In this selection you will see, for the first time in Poland, The Mole: Undercover in North Korea by Mads Brügger, a talented Danish documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist.


December Film Therapy

Of all the arts, cinema has the greatest power of stirring emotions. Movies allow us not only to understand our own emotions, but also accept them in a controlled environment. At the cinema, we get to know the characters as well as ourselves and our emotions. While watching a movie, we identify with the protagonist, especially if he/she is similar to us in terms of age, gender, or the problem they are struggling with. Because of this we reach down to our deeply hidden emotions. The final phase offers an insight, we reflect on what we have experienced and translate the film into reality. We project, we attribute our own feelings and emotions to film characters. Film therapy is all about staying in touch with our feelings.

Martyna Harland, author of