16 Sunrises 16 Sunrises

dir. Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff 2019 France 118 min.
2019 – CPH:DOX: World Premiere , Doc Corner: Closing Movie
A French astronaut sets off on his first mission to space with a copy of Saint-Exupéry’s ”The Little Prince”.

In November 2016, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet set off on his first mission to space. He spent six weightless months in orbit about 450 kilometres from Earth, together with an international team and a copy of Saint-Exupéry’s space adventure ”The Little Prince”. For as Pesquet says, the mission’s ultimate goal is to give children and youth something to dream about. ”16 Sunrises” is on the same frequency, and the mission fully succeeds in a film that combines the researchers’ everyday life on board with a poetic dimension.

The format is epic, and the launch and landing are incredibly exciting to watch. But the international space station is also an international semi-utopian project, in both theory and practice, with the contribution of countries all over the world.

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