Fat Front Fat Front

dir. Louise Unmack Kjeldsen, Louise Detlefsen 2019 Denmark, Sweden, Norway 87 min.
2019 – IDFA Amsterdam
They are fat, and they’re not ashamed of it.

Helene, Marte, Pauline and Wilde, four young Scandinavian women, are part of a growing fat-activism movement that supports fat women and fights for body positivity and inclusivity. The message is that you’re beautiful just as you are. The women connect and support one another at group activities and outings. “Fat Front” gives us a snapshot of their lives.

Pauline runs a second-hand clothing market for plus sizes, and she joins a street demonstration for beautiful fashion for everybody. Lots of time is spent posting defiant photos and videos on social media, the goal being to reach out to even more women. The film is mostly light and optimistic in tone, but the heartbreak can be felt in the interviews. Most of the women struggled with their weight and kept being judged by the outside world for much of their youth. Now, for the first time, they see themselves as beautiful, powerful women who have said goodbye to guilt and self-hatred.

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