Romantic Comedy Romantic Comedy

dir. Elizabeth Sankey 2019 Great Britain 78 min.
2019 – IFF Rotterdam, 2019 – FF SXSW, 2019 – FF Sheffield
Are romantic comedies really as optimistic and cheerful as we think they are?

A documentary that goes beneath the surface of our favourite rom-com films, seeking to better understand the way we view love, relationships and romance. From “It Happened One Night” to “Runaway Bride”, from clumsy meet cutes to rain-soaked declarations of love, these films reflect our experiences but are often just as problematic as they are comforting. They're hugely successful and deeply loved by many, but - being frequently dismissed as guilty pleasures – they have often avoided critical analysis. Helped by a diverse chorus of critics, actors, filmmakers and other rom-com fans, and with original songs by her own band Summer Camp, director Elizabeth Sankey embarks on a journey of investigation and self-discovery.

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