5 Broken Cameras 5 Broken Cameras

dir. Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi 2011 Palestine, France, Israel, Netherlands 90 min.
2012 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity FF: Millennium Bank Award – Grand Prix, 2012 – Millennium Docs Against Gravity FF: The Lower Silesia Grand Prix, 2012 – Sundance FF: Best Directing in Foreign Documentary Feature
A documentary on a Palestinian farmer's chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army.

Emad lives in Bil'in, west of the West Bank city of Ramallah. With his first camera, he recorded how Israeli bulldozers invaded the village in 2005 and uprooted the olive trees from the land. There, along his friend's land, a large wall was built to separate Israeli towns from Palestinians. During the early days of resistance against the Israeli settlers and the Israeli soldiers present everywhere, Emad's son Gibreel was born. Emad documented how the boy matured and became an informed participant in peaceful, anti-Israel protests, and how the wall grew quickly and strongly. Eman also recorded how supporters from all over the world, including Israel, provided aid to the village, but when the resistance grew and the situation aggravated, Emad continues to shoot his film, despite the pleas of his wife, who fears negative consequences.

"5 Broken Cameras" is not only a fascinating picture, documenting unique events in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but also a very personal, moving film statement about a Palestinian village's struggle against violence and oppression.

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