The Campaing Against the Climate

dir. Mads Ellesøe 2020 Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Finland 53 min.
A story about how a small group of men have forever affected the future of mankind. And continues to do this today.

In 1988, the world was preparing to act against climate change. But then something happened. Something that led to the climate crisis that the world has woken up to today. The planet's largest oil companies were among the first to detect global warming, but instead of acting they launched a campaign that for 30 years has derailed the fight against climate change.

"The Campaign against the Climate" is an investigation that unravels what was done and who was behind it. Though internal documents and in interviews with the people involved the documentary shows how the oil industry was leading a campaign that over a decade successfully manipulated the public perception on climate change. How they fired their internal scientists and instead hired the very same people that had successfully helped the tobacco industry to saw doubt about the dangers of smoking. And how the very same oil companies today marked themselves as green frontrunners, while they do the opposite – around 95% of the investments made in new energy goes to extracting more fossil fuels, continuing to stoke the global warming.

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