The House by the Sea

dir. Robert Guédiguian 2017 France 107 min.
Three grown children gathered at the picturesque villa of their dying father reflect on where they are, who they have become, and what they have inherited.

Angèle, Joseph and Armand are reunited with Maurice, their elderly father who has become aphasic after a stroke. Angèle has not been back to her childhood home for 20 years, shattered by the accidental death of her daughter Blanche. Melancholy memories are exchanged about the once popular and communist cove, now given over to real estate speculation and which has lost its former social life. Angèle does not accept that her father, overcome with remorse for being responsible for Blanche's death, reserves a larger share of the inheritance for her than for her brothers in order to buy her pardon.

Benjamin, a fisherman in his thirties, is delighted to find Angèle, the actress he had admired so much at the theater in Marseille, who had given him a taste for the stage, and with whom he is secretly in love.

In the meantime, armed soldiers regularly watch the coast where migrants from Africa are stranded, in order to arrest them and send them back to their country. One day, the two brothers find three children without parents on the cliff, sweating and starving. They hide them at home, which brings them back to a reality much more dramatic than the ambient melancholy of aging memories.

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