Tony Halik

dir. Marcin Borchardt 2020 Poland 90 min.
Evita Peron’s private pilot, Richard Nixon’s press officer, Queen Elisabeth’s guest of honor, first non-Cuban journalist to interview Fidel Castro. Living in communist Poland, where people have no passports. Meet Tony Halik – the legend and the liar.

One could say that Tony Halik was an extraordinary explorer.  Or a dreamer, who made all his dreams come true. Or a liar. Or a spy.  All of the above is true. Let’s just say he was the best casting director ever. In this film you will see Richard Nixon, Evita Peron, Fidel Castro and Queen Elisabeth.  All filmed by Tony Halik - a Polish Indiana Jones of the 60s. A man who was so efficient in creating his image before the social media era, that now – over 60 years later we have difficulties in finding out what is true. This is a story about making your own legend and letting it be cultivated by others and about a great mystery hidden under a fabricated identity. An adventure documentary reconstructed from film archives, recorded by Halik during numerous journeys all around the world. This is a film about passion for travelling and chasing dreams, but also about the cost of its fulfillment. It is a film about the thin line between what is truth and false, inscribed in an extraordinary man’s fate, who created himself his place on Earth along this line.

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