An Impossible Project An Impossible Project

dir. Jens Meurer 2020 Germany, Austria 99 min.
2020 – IFF Rotterdam
Shot over six years on 35mm film, with a full orchestral score recorded live directly on vinyl, the film shows that in the digital age Polaroid is an alternative entertainment, but also a chance to trust our senses again.

Dr. Florian 'Doc' Kaps had always been fascinated by analogue image and sound recording mediums, but it wasn't until the very last Polaroid factory was threatened by demolition in the wake of the digital revolution that he swung into action, determined to save the famous instant photography device. However, this eccentric Austrian proved not to have much of a business brain. During the few years that this energetic documentary follows Doc, a shift in the zeitgeist occurs and other analogue lovers come to the fore. A small group swims powerfully against the tide, freeing themselves from the tech giants who hold us in their uncomfortable grasp.

A voice-over guides us through the adventures of Doc and other passionate world-changers. This footage is intercut with shots of characteristic analogue treasures such as telephones, record players and printing presses. And of course the results of 'instant' Polaroid photos, then and now. From Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga to many, many analogue selfies.

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