About VoD.MDAG.pl

Everything started with Millennium Docs Against Gravity, the biggest film festival in Poland. In 2020, a memorable year, the festival introduced a hybrid formula: over 100 films were presented online after the cinema edition. Its tremendous success served as further proof that it was time to create a new place on the Web for the most interesting documentaries and feature films—a place where anyone could broaden their knowledge of our reality, look upon other people with tenderness, and discover the most pressing problems of the modern world.

We favor diversity of subjects, which is why our catalogue features plenty of movies about politics, the society, psychology, science, sport, art, architecture, and fashion. Feature films available on our platform are mainly art-house pictures that push the boundaries of contemporary cinematic language.

In addition to promoting film culture and delivering powerful experiences to our viewers, sparking curiosity is a major part of our mission. This is why we introduced a separate section of our platform devoted to broadly defined modern education. While mainly intended for the attendees of our courses at top Polish universities, it’s also a great choice for students as well as parents and kids. Extensive additional material allows for a broader understanding of the stories presented in the films and creates more interactive content for everyone whose curiosity about the world led them to vod.mdag.pl. Have a wise and enjoyable screening!