Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak And Chic

dir. Yann L’Hénoret 2018 France 90 min.
The eccentric and provocative world of the fashion designer.

Jean Paul Gaultier. One of the most distinguished and remarkable couturiers marked by his striking and subversive creations – which this season, is neither a dress nor perfume, but rather the lavish “Fashion Freak Show”. In an-all access look, ”Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak And Chic” follows the exceptional and ambitious two-year making of Gaultier’s glamorous cabaret, which will plunge viewers into the eccentric and often provocative universe of this iconic genius.

Exhibiting the way this visionary designer assembled high-style choreography, original music, extravagant costume designs, and decorative stage production at the Folies Bergère - one of the most famous performance halls of the world’s fashion capital, ”Jean Paul Gaultier – Freak & Chic” showcases the best of French glamour through this daring and colorful creation that pushes the boundaries of the fashion genre.

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