Mona Haydar is a woman, a Muslim, an American of Syrian descent, a poet, a successful rapper, and a mother. The intersectionality of her persona has attracted many opponents. Right-wing Americans believe she promotes ... Sharia law in the United States. Muslims think her interest in art is haram (forbidden under Muslim) law. Others are shocked that Muslim women can be professionally successful and in addition work while pregnant.

Learn more about Mona Haydar in this article by Krytyka Policzna (in Polish only).

If you are interested in discovering the  story of another exceptional artist who combines music with activism, we recommend you watch SONITA, available on VOD.MDAG.PL. The film’s core consists of the young Afghan musician artistically arguing against the disastrous forced marriage practices that obstruct her freedom in an impressive, dramatic rap video.

SONITA, dir. Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami

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