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Who do you turn to when you don’t know what to watch? To your friends, naturally!Discover the favorite films of the incredible and creative friends of our platform.

Mariusz Szczygieł

"The Cleaners" - A film on driving people crazy and to the verge of depression, somewhere in Asia. Who’s doing that? Well, all of us, Facebook users. (Fantastic).


"Once Upon a Time In Poland" – Polish religious zeal in a nushell. A portrait drawn by someone from the outside is priceless, it’s a pity our Czech neighbours only got to see our caricature. (Good).


"The Mole: Undercover In North Korea" -  A retired cook leads an undercover operation to gain access to North Korea’s top secret military details : without his wife’s knowing. No mountain too high. This film is pure gold. A document showing our need to do something unique. (Fantastic).


"The Painter And the Thief" – A film about how a victim of a robbery can come to terms with the robber himself, gain some common ground, and even become friends. An incredible story that starts with the stealing of two paintings. (Great, albeit a bit too long).


"I Am Not Your Negro" – A story of the United States as seen from the Afroamerican writer  Jamesa Baldwin. He coined the phrase "recipe fort he fall of a nation”. We study this recipe in the film and learn to use it in self -defence – just in case anyone wants to use it on us. (Powerful).


"Sakawa" – Hard to swallow for moralists, Young boys from Ghana find hard disks on a dump, which we created by all the computers we throw to waste.  They use the disks to collect our data, and later –pretending to be women – attract us and our cash. Kept on watching and keeping my fingers crossed for them. (Great).


"The Swedish Theory of Love" – Solitude as a human right, assured by the state. Alienation as something publicly and culturally acceptable. (Bewildering).


"Face Places" – The most cherful and positive title in the collection Two artists give special meaning to the life of a miner’s wife, a farmer, a waitress, or factory workers. (Beautiful)