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Who do you turn to when you don’t know what to watch? To your friends, naturally!Discover the favorite films of the incredible and creative friends of our platform.

Paweł Łoziński

"State Funeral" – A funeral lament masterfully directed by Sergey Loznica, a secular mystery. A tyran responsible for a million deaths has died, he is mourned by crowds of devastated souls, and I am a witness, a participant of this performance, carefully directed 68 years ago. I’m watching it in horror, because I know only too well that history likes to repeat itself. 


"Woman" – It’s a unique opportunity – at least for me – to see the world through the eyes of the better half of its inhabitants. Women’s psychological confessions are bold and honest testimony of their lives, driven by love and empathy. I can still see their faces. 


"Face Places" - Agnès Varda, a prominent star of the French Nouvelle Vague, accomplished her final work with the lightness of a debutant cineast. This charming documentary light and funny, takes us on a very personal tour. A moving paean to the world and its people, left me with a feeling of happiness and meaning in life.